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Bridal 24: Superwoman Ring

Love is ever-present. It may come into our lives at unexpected times, but it is always with us. When Ashley’s client came to Ashley after the end of her marriage, she was finding this to be more true than ever before. As she worked to move past a time in her life that had been difficult, she found that she simply missed wearing a wedding ring. She wanted a symbol of her commitment to her girls and the family that they were, and always would be, as well as a piece that would remind her that her journey had left her as strong and capable as ever. Although her family looked different now, her life was rich with all the love she needed. Friends, family, and her two wonderful daughters surrounded her with enough love and joy to keep her satisfied for a lifetime. 

It was at this point that she visited Ashley. She brought with her a brilliant pear-shaped diamond that her grandmother had given her. Ashley designed a ring for her that came to be known as her “superwoman ring”. The pink sapphires that cluster around the center diamond represent her lovely daughters, and the diamond represents the love she has and receives from her family. 

Ashley and her client love the fact that this ring is so much more than a simple piece of jewelry. It is a palpable, everyday reminder that there is no need to mourn was once was, or worry about what could be. Ashley added one more symbolic reminder of this: on the bottom of the ring is a lotus flower, symbolizing growth and rebirth. Through remembering that love in its many forms is eternal, we can always be reborn.