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Bespoke: Topaz Necklace


This gorgeous blue topaz necklace was brought to life from an heirloom stone. The blue topaz at the center of the pendant was a gift from Ashley’s client’s grandmother, as were the floating diamonds added to the chain. The topaz is inscribed with an M, representing the maiden name of the client’s grandmother.

The colors for this necklace were inspired by a peacock’s feathers. The emeralds and tourmalines chosen play off the gorgeous shade of the blue topaz, and the mixture of stone shapes used represent the different shapes that can be found in peacock feathers.

The true elegance of this piece can be found within the layout of the stones. While peacock feathers are generally rounded, this necklace is almost a cubist take on a feather. Its angles and planes lend this pendant a modern feel, which suited the style of Ashley's client perfectly.